Swiss Sedimentation Technologies


Where and how to use desanding systems

Settling basin can be constructed at any suitable location upstream of intake structure as there is not a certain dictated distance for the settling basin location from the intake structure.

A settling basin needs to be constructed no matter how much you see it as useless. It is an organ of the run of river. It cannot exclude it. The turbine repair cycles are shortened: Wear on turbines is mainly the result the particles remaining in the water. The system can also be installed for any type of water intake directly on the river (such as first step of cleaning system for drinking water).

The size of a desanding system depends on the volume of water at the inlet, the characteristics of the sand particles and the degree of elimination (dependent upon the max. particle sizes) required. 

Increased energy production by as much as 2% can be achieved using the Bieri system because the installation is in continuous use and the flushing time is reduced. Particle elimination is obtained by employing optimal basin dimensions
A PLC control system is at the heart of every desander. It permits the adjustment of the flushing management program to the prevailing conditions.