Swiss Sedimentation Technologies

 And the sand is gone! 

How it works:

  • The water flows through in the basins and the sediments are collected over the flushing units. The overfall at the end of the basin maintains a sufficient water level to grant a continuous turbining.
  • When the level of sediments over the unit reached a certain level (settled by user, each flushing unit has its own sand level measuring device) the sluice opens automatically and the sediments are vertically flushed through the openings (flushing time canbe determined by user) into the flushing channel at the bottom of the basin from where it is flushed back into the river.


  • Continuous use of flushing water not required, continuous turbining even during the flushing process
  • Selective flushing only if the sand height of each separate desanding section in the basin has reached the predetermined level, thanks sand measuring devices
  • Strong local flushing flow due to the construction of the sluices (opening every 0.5m), no risk of obstruction of the flushing sluices
  • Vertical flushing assures a strong flow  providing a highly effective flushing of even tough sediment,   
  • Possibility to adapt the system to the local constrains,
  • Self-cleaning desanding system,
  • Reduced maintenance costs, fully automatic system, no need of operator,
  • Modularity of the units which can be adapted to any length of basin, total independant units along the basins