Swiss Sedimentation Technologies


Refurbishment of BIERI desanding systems

Revisions of desanding should not only create the original state of the plant again, they should also obtain improved tightness and wear for the future. We know, thanks to years of experience with desanding systems that a total revision will be requested after about 40 years. Therefore, SST has developed a process that guarantees measurable improvements in terms of wear and leakage water losses.

Motec plates, which have been tried and tested for many years and are being installed in new sluices, improve leakage water loss and wear resistance by up to 90%. 

Refurbishment of Bieri rack cleaning systems

SST can also make total revisions Bieri rack cleaning machines.

We can advise you on revision options, deliver replacement parts or manufacture them according to original drawings and monitor work on site.

 Refurbishment of hydraulic systems

SST can make also complete refurbishment of hydraulic systems, including power packs, revision of hydraulic cylinders and replacement of tubings.