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May 2023

refurbishment desander Aletsch

Installed in 1963, the desander has been used successfully since then.

Equipped with two 50 m long basins, each consisting of two 25 m units, everything was working perfectly well, but the mechanical parts showed wear and tear (after 40 years of use!) which caused the system to leak and thus to lose efficiency.

Thanks to the method developed by SST for BIERI desanders, a complete overhaul of the mechanical part was done, without touching the civil engineering structure.

After the overhaul, the water leaks were eliminated, and the desander has now the same efficiency as when it was put into service. 

status after 40 years of use

status after refurbishment

December 9, 2020

wet commissioning desander Ulu Jelai Malaysia 

Apart from the seven-kilometre-long power waterway, the project includes two complex weirs and two water transfer tunnels, which divert water to the main dam from the neighbouring Lemoi and Telom River catchments. The two water transfer tunnels contribute about 30% to the combined flow of water available for power generation. Tunnelling for the main power waterway and the two water transfer tunnels was challenging and required the team to apply creative problem-solving skills.

The desander delivered and installed by SST had, as of September 2015, only been used in test mode and left as is.

After the tunnel was completely drilled, and without any additional operations of maintenance, the desander was successfully commissioned in real conditions.

 This proves the relevance of the choice of the SST desander, which can now operate without any additional intervention after almost five years of immobilization in a difficult environment.

Because of the pandemic situation, wet commissioning has beeen performed with sucess by our partner MPA Fluid Power (M) Bhd


Refurbishment of 2 BIERI rack cleaning machines installed in 1965


Refurbishment of 2 desanding units installed in 1960

October 2016

Meet Swiss Sedimentation Technologies at Hydro 2016, International Conference and Exhibition which will take place in Montreux, Switzerland, Booth 51

October 2015

Dry commissioning of the Telom desanding system has been successfully done at Ulu Jelai, Malaysia

October 2015

 Meet Swiss Sedimentation Technologies at HYDRO 2015, International Conference and Exhibition which will take place at the Bordeaux Convention Centre, France between 26 - 28 October 2015, booth 110

April 2014 

Revision desander Mattsand, Switzerland

Successful and timely total renovation of desanding system (8 units) built in 1954

February 2014 

Signing the contract for the supply and installation of desanding systems at the water intake Telom in Ulu Jelai (end customer TNB), Malaysia / 2 basins, total length 80 m, each equipped with two desanding units of 20 m